6. Painting a Kavaad




Between receiving my wooden storyteller’s box and the exhibition date, I had a whole two months, during which I had a three week trip to the United States, the launch of a crowd-funding campaign, and a book publication. So, I decided to dedicate 10 entire days to the kavaad prior to the inauguration date. It was cutting it close, but I thought the time pressure would set me off into a creative process that was intense and complete to say the least. What happened was magical and sleepless. I spent 20 hour days working in my kitchen. It began with rough story boards, sketches and post-its.


My kitchen table and I were covered in paint. I worked quickly and intuitively, ebetering the story entirely. I was the elephant, I was the crocodile and the snake. I became each character that I painted.


My lack of sleep seemed to give me a sense of courage and strength to tackle the story that I hadn’t seemed to find before. And all the while the hours passed and it was almost time to deliver the piece.




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